Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WIP - Garland for Next Year's Tree

I know, I know, it's February. This garland is an ongoing project for many reasons:

I fell in love with the tutorial here immediately upon clicking over to it. Bright, cheery, a great way to use of scraps of craft felt I had lying around, and I had no garland for my tree. I sensed the perfect project. So I dropped the mad dash I was in to get Christmas gifts done in time, (resulting in some crazy late nights leading into Christmas, I'll admit), and stitched up a garland for our tree. I didn't put the circles close together as Anna Maria did, instead choosing to space them out to get more length and I used different sizes to take advantage of scraps I had on hand. I was pleased with the result. See a poor quality photo here:

With only white lights on our tree, this garland was just the thing to jazz it up and bring a pop of colour. Problem was, I didn't have enough to go all the way up the tree.

This will soon be remedied, in part thanks to beer nights with my gal, H. H. lives around the corner from me, is a fellow craftstress (she may even post on here from time to time) and we get together often enough for a pint at the corner pub. We've both started sewing more lately, which makes for solitary activity, so we've each got some little projects on the go that are transportable. It's great - we sit, have a beer, catch up, get stared at a bit (that part I could do without!) and stitch. Lovely way to spend a few hours after the kiddies are in bed. I really miss crafting with her. With my lovely stash of stitched felt circles in abundance though I am in dire need of another transportable project. Any one have any ideas? I should add that I organized a handmade ornament swap with a bunch of friends this year and plan on doing another one next year so Christmas ornaments would be welcome!

Such lovely circles. All so colourful and ready to be strung. Hopefully before next Christmas!

- Donna


Sara said...

That basket of felt looks like candy to me! Such a great project, D!

Sara said...

Oh and I must say, I would love to join you and H for some stitching over a pint. The distance kills me!

Anonymous said...

One question, what did you use to string them together?

Donna said...

Sara - the next time you come to ottawa you need to make sure you have a portable project as H and I are definitely booking you!

Anonymous - I used off white embroidery floss. cheap and easy!