Monday, February 23, 2009


I give you my first free motion quilted, zig zag baby quilt:

I am pleased with how it turned out, for the most part. There's one pucker on the back that is bothering me eventhough it isn't half as bad now that I've washed and dried the quilt. I could also use a bit more practice on mitred corners, but that will come in time. I really enjoy binding a quilt (save for the corners) because it's at that point when the quilt really comes together.

Would I do it again? Certainly. In fact, I have a coin quilt in the works as I type. Will I be better prepared the next time around? Definitely. In fact, I went right out and procured the necessary items - in bulk! I'm hoping that can of spray glue will be my dream come true. We shall soon find out!



Donna said...

Love it. The stripey binding looks awesome. I'm gungho to get going on my itty bitty quilt . I think that the binding does make it go from sewing project to quilt.

That's a lot of thread. Woah.

WHat's a coin quilt?

Sara said...

My favorite coin quilt:

The story on the thread - I went through 2 big spools of white making this quilt, so I knew I needed to stock up if I was going to make any more. When I got to Fabricville, it was on sale for 40%off and another 40% off on top of that. Then I realized I had a coupon good for 6 free notions when you bought 12, so yeah. Lots of thread!

Donna said...

where'd you get the coupon? that's great.

ok - i love that - will the background be white? I love how this design will let you use and showcase so many different fabrics. so great.

Mimi said...

You did a great job on your quilt. I think you'll like the "basting ina a can". I know I do! (wink wink) I even like the fumes! I always make sure to wash the quilt before giving the quilt so that it's free of those fumes and chemicals, though.

I look forward to seeing your next completed quilt.

Sara said...

coupon - received a booklet when I bought my membership at Fabricville.

yes - white background for coin quilt and one pattern for full back.

Mimi- thank you! I am anxious to try the glue, but am nervous that it'll end up everywhere but where I want it! Is it a strong smell?

Ashley said...

Hi Sara,
Beautiful zig zag quilt! I love a striped binding. And you'll love the 505 spray - it's definitely my favorite. I don't think the fumes are too bad, though I do typically wear one of those mask things anyway (but I'm a little extra paranoid!) I don't find that it causes too much of a mess either. Lately I've taken to sandwiching my quilts in the living room on the rug and haven't had a problem with any spray going on the rug (I don't love the rug though - I probably wouldn't try it on carpet I like!)

Looking forward to seeing your coin quilt - I'm going to start one when I get back home...

Ashley said...

Oh. and PS... love (love!) the stacked suitcases!

Sara said...

Thanks so much, Ashley! Definitely a compliment coming from a seasoned quilter like yourself.
Is there a certain technique you use when sandwiching with the spray? I saw a rolling technique somewhere out there that looked good. Would you recommend that?

Anonymous said...

I have just decided to teach myself quilting and was wondering how you did the free motion quilting?
ps. Your quilt looks great!

Sara said...

Hi Tamara,
Thanks for stopping by! I found this resource this morning and thought it was a good reference for a beginner like me:
A lot of free motion quilting has to do with the settings on your machine, so spending a little time reading your manual will be a great start.
My machine is close to 40 years old and the manual didn't make reference to Free Motion, so I had to read the darning section. Also, my machine isn't capable of lowering the feed dogs, so I had to attach a little metal plate over them instead. Not sure what your situation is, but reading the manual can't hurt!
I hope this helps to get you started!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much - I have been reading my manual (no free motion section in mine either) and I have been surfing the net. I also need to get a darning foot!!!! Off to check out the link you left.

Sara said...

I am using a zig zag foot and maybe it's just because I don't have a darning foot, but I don't know what the difference would be! It seems to do the trick.