Friday, June 11, 2010

I think I've succumbed to fabric alarmism

Yesterday I read Heather's post in which she mentioned that Laura Wisburn's Tufted Tweet line was on backorder in many stores. She listed a few stores where some was still available. I clicked over to check out the stock and found it had been cleared out. I quickly googled the line and found an etsy store (SewFreshFabrics) that had some and ordered up a bunch.

I focused on this colourway but not entirely.

Honestly, I read that post and imagined myself in two years, pining for a fabric that I could never have .... I pictured a Flea Market Fancy scenario where I would click wistfully on etsy listings like this or this and lament the fact that I just can't justify spending 45$ for a yard. So instead I horde my little scraps and use them in every project I can....

Do you stockpile fabric like I do? Am I being smart or's just fabric after all!

- Donna

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June Block

I decided to put my baby girl into our room last night so I could access the sewing machine. I worked solidly for 2.5 hours and put together these blocks for Arianne, a member of the Sew Modern Bee on flickr.

Arianne wanted a traditional block, 6-8" in size, edged in white, and then bordered in kona coal. She sent me some great fabrics and pointed us into the direction of the Quilter's Cache to find a pattern, and indicated that she really like stars. Have you found this site? What a treasure trove of patterns!

I picked the Indian Star block since I've never made a star and have wanted to try one for a while.

I was supposed to end up with an 8" block, but mine was 7.5", which I attribute to my inability to sew straight. I wonder when I will get better at this, so that i would feel like I could tackle a quilt that had more complicated piecing such as this?

This being said, I'm happy with how my block turned out, as well as the little block I made for Arianne's quilt back. I had made an error in cutting some of my pieces so I decided to use them in a little block rather than waste them. Can you tell I was using every little big of fabric so as to not waste anything?

So far I'm having a lot of fun being part of a bee. Do you take part in a bee, virtual or otherwise?

- Donna

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Move over Aqua and Red!

I mailed these off far far away today. I hope they arrive soon.

Move over Aqua and Red. I think there's a new colour combo in town!

- Donna

Monday, June 7, 2010

Inspiration Monday

I'm not doing much sewing lately. I finished up my hexes for the handsome hexie swap (will post about that soon!) that Heather organized. I have cut pieces for June's Sew Modern Bee.

But the thing I am most sad to admit is that I have come to the realization that I am losing my sewing space. My youngest daughter is not doing well at sharing a room with her sister and we're all losing too much sleep. I'm too tired to sew in the evenings. . .so it seems a bit silly and selfish, frankly, to try and hang on to the space.


So instead, I'm finding inspiration and making future plans for my sewing life. Things like this are inspiring me lately. What is getting your creative juices flowing?

1. finished and all quilted, 2. original birds on a wire, 3. Urban swap machine cover, 4. Hexagons, 5. Another coin quilt!, 6. nest improv quilted (2)

- Donna