Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June Block

I decided to put my baby girl into our room last night so I could access the sewing machine. I worked solidly for 2.5 hours and put together these blocks for Arianne, a member of the Sew Modern Bee on flickr.

Arianne wanted a traditional block, 6-8" in size, edged in white, and then bordered in kona coal. She sent me some great fabrics and pointed us into the direction of the Quilter's Cache to find a pattern, and indicated that she really like stars. Have you found this site? What a treasure trove of patterns!

I picked the Indian Star block since I've never made a star and have wanted to try one for a while.

I was supposed to end up with an 8" block, but mine was 7.5", which I attribute to my inability to sew straight. I wonder when I will get better at this, so that i would feel like I could tackle a quilt that had more complicated piecing such as this?

This being said, I'm happy with how my block turned out, as well as the little block I made for Arianne's quilt back. I had made an error in cutting some of my pieces so I decided to use them in a little block rather than waste them. Can you tell I was using every little big of fabric so as to not waste anything?

So far I'm having a lot of fun being part of a bee. Do you take part in a bee, virtual or otherwise?

- Donna


Leslie said...

this is so fun. i love the mini block.

Sara said...

Hey! Those blocks are super, Donna! Look at your points all matching up perfectly perfect and everything! Your fabric selection is quite different than to get my buns in gear and get my block done. You inspire me!

Holly said...

WOW! Love that block (and the fantastic little improv block - very clever)! Such crisp points on the star...I will have to check out the patterns on that website.