Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My String Quilt is born and she needs a name...

After teasing you last week with that quilting shot, I'm happy to report that I finshed the string quilt a while ago . . . all bound up, it's been used to snuggle on the couch several times already.

It occurred to me as I stroked it one night that it contains a good many pieces of vintage or thrifted fabric. The back is mainly a piece of rust coloured broad cloth that I got for super cheap at Value Village. A quilt like this that is largely made up of scraps from other projects + pieces of fabric that I wanted to 'use up' + some of my favourites thrown in there for good measure (even if it meant i had to cut into uncut yardage!!) is really the best part of quilting. Using what you have to make something beautiful.

But she needs a name. Ashley's callout ended up in Kaleidoscope's naming. Anyone have a suggestion?? Let's hear 'em!



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh string quilt, I have not totally forsaken you.

Dear string quilt,

After last fall's foibles, you may have thought I had forgotten you, but you've stolen my heart once again.

I will finish you yet and you will keep me warm all summer.

Woops, season may be off but I don't care . . I'm going for it!

Love you forever,