Sunday, May 13, 2012

On my design wall

I have started working on a quilt for Miss T, my daughter's preschool teacher. She is having a boy, and he's due in early September. I love how fresh these blocks feel. I plan on piecing them with some charcoal kona and backing it with a vintage sheet in green and blues. A little flowery perhaps but a good use for a nice sheet!

- Donna

Monday, May 7, 2012

Grey and Orange bib for Théo

So sometimes I make little things and snap a photo half way through. Next thing you know it's been finished, gifted, and I think 'doh'. This is one of those times. I made this wee bib using Jcasa's great pattern, which I purchased on etsy. It provides a solid babygift in a hurry, which I like. I am loving using different shades of a solid in things - so so much. I have a quilt in mind and it was fun to try on a tiny little piece!

- Donna