Monday, September 21, 2009


So my freind Nadia has finished designing the poster for the craft sale - I think it looks pretty awesome! Two of my favourite fabrics are part of the design, gotta love that.

It seems real now! Any advice you have re: cheap ways to advertise is appreciated. So far, we've set it up as a facebook event, will be forwarding to our sellers this week so everyone can forward to their list of contacts, we'll be placing an ad in the community newspaper, and postering key areas. Anything we're missing? Our budget isn't grand, since we're hoping to charge very little for tables (we're thinking $30 per seller should about cover our costs).
In other news, today is day one of my sewing vacation. Too bad my baby is on day three of stomach flu-can't-keep-anything-down. Poor muffin. She's upstairs, sleeping it off in my sewing room, which is the room that can be made the darkest. And I'm down here, surfing when I'd rather be sewing. I've got a few hand projects to work on though so I'll pick those up and see what I can get through this morning.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crayon Rolls - Check!

I'm having a great time getting things ready for Donna's sale...and avoiding things I should be doing!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Progress is Being Made

I'm pleased to have had two days off this week ...yesterday I celebrated my eldest daughter's third birthday, and my birth day - three years as a Mama. There was much cupcake eating, and fun was had by all.

I spent a good chunk of the day designing shirts, laying them out, and fusing them. No stitching yet, but I'm about halfway there. Not sure about whether I need to use tearaway fusible stabilizer - does anyone have any experience with sewing onto knits? I've done a few with no stabilizer and they've worked out ok . .a little wonky but since I was gifting them it's all good. Since these are for sale I want to make sure that they're the best they can be. I'm worried that if I use stabilizer they might seem stiff, and since they're intended for little wee babies this doesn't thrill me.

I've done very few that are the same, but so far, these are my five favourites.

- Donna

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So many triangles!

I think Donna may have mentioned a craft sale she and some friends are organizing for November, but if not, Donna is organizing a craft sale for November! These buntings will be sitting pretty on her table as she ever-so-kindly offered to sell a few things for me. Isn't she great, that Donna?

They all still need a good ironing, but other than that, they're as good as done. Now, on to that improv quilt, maybe? I seem to be doing everything BUT getting at that thing!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sugar and Spice

Fresh out of the dryer, this quilt is for a baby girl due to join the world in December. Can never be too prepared, can we? The fabrics, with the exception of the back and binding, are all from the Simplicity line by Three Sisters for Moda.

It's a Bento Box pattern which I doubt I'll ever do again. Matching up seams is something I've yet to perfect, so I really had no business going the Bento Box route in the first place! It's quilted using a meandering pattern a bit larger than I'm used to which makes it a little less crinkly.

I quilted it with a light pink thread that matches the solid pink back and the whole thing measures 41" x 55". I'm happy to be at the point where I can fold this one up and put it away until the shower rolls around. It's been keeping me from some improv quilting that I really want to try, but am nervous to ruin!

Question: Can you even ruin an improv quilt?