Monday, September 21, 2009


So my freind Nadia has finished designing the poster for the craft sale - I think it looks pretty awesome! Two of my favourite fabrics are part of the design, gotta love that.

It seems real now! Any advice you have re: cheap ways to advertise is appreciated. So far, we've set it up as a facebook event, will be forwarding to our sellers this week so everyone can forward to their list of contacts, we'll be placing an ad in the community newspaper, and postering key areas. Anything we're missing? Our budget isn't grand, since we're hoping to charge very little for tables (we're thinking $30 per seller should about cover our costs).
In other news, today is day one of my sewing vacation. Too bad my baby is on day three of stomach flu-can't-keep-anything-down. Poor muffin. She's upstairs, sleeping it off in my sewing room, which is the room that can be made the darkest. And I'm down here, surfing when I'd rather be sewing. I've got a few hand projects to work on though so I'll pick those up and see what I can get through this morning.


Leslie said...

this is an awesome advertisement....wish i loved close

Sara said...

It looks fantastic! Great job, Nadia!

I wish I had some advice, but marketing is not my forté!

It sounds to me like all the bases are covered.

wishes, true and kind said...

Great poster! Sorry your little one is sick!

Capital Mom said...

The poster looks lovely. And so sorry to hear about the baby!
How about Twitter? You can let some of the free event websites know aboout it. I will totally blog about it too.

Christy said...

I love your sweet blog header! vEry very nice.

Lina said...

Love the poster - so cute! Hope your little one recovers soon!

alli magee said...

It isn't often (or perhaps ever) that I find a blog I love is written in my province of New Brunswick! I'm from saint john and am trying desperately to be as talented as you two girls.

so happy to have found this. your items are absolutely stinking lovely! I vow to be an avid follower from this day forth :o)