Sunday, October 24, 2010

My turn to play catch up

I am mailing off September and October blocks for Tong and Clivee...tomorrow. For reals.

I have had a heck of a time sitting down to get these ones done, and if I'm being honest, I'm sending a half finished project at best. Tong had asked for wonky scrappy stars for September. I was super happy to get going on this one...but a work trip, misplacing the fabric for several weeks, two bouts of cold en famille meant that I left this and left this and left this. I finally sat down in front of the machine last night to work on them. I cut out my cream coloured squares for the background, and made to scrappy centre pieces. But somehow in the way that I laid out the fabric I didn't realise that I had only half of it pulled out of the bag....I think I then tried to wonk the heck out of the squares and they ended up too small, as did the overall block. I put in several hours to get one block done, and it's wee, so in the end, I'm sending just one block and returning the lovely scraps to Tong with my apologies and a few treats. I'm so sorry I didn't complete the task!

I also miraculously got October's blocks done too....and even finsihed the two requested....Hope you like 'em Clivee.

Sorry about the poor photos. It's grey, grey, grey and cold and wet and it feels like almost-snow. I'm not ready for that yet. I would like some pointers on taking better photos...I have only a point and click but winter is nearly upon us so can't rely on sunny days so much....and also, how do I take a photo so it doesn't make the square look so wonky??
I had a lovely impromptu one night only visit with Sara this past week and we set up a little sewing room in my kitchen, joined by the ever crafty Holly. While Holly worked on packaging up the fabric tags we had sewn up months ago, Sara put herself to work binding four of the doll quilts I had sewn up for the upcoming craft show, while I worked on some potholders. What a productive evening! Thanks for the company Sara and Holly, and thanks for the sweat labour, too. Pretty good deal for the price of a steak and blue cheese salad (dinner!)
More to share soon!
- Donna
- Donna

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Catching Up

Wow! How I have missed this part of my life! I've been quiet on the blog for the past while and I feel like I have a good excuse. I'm doing an accounting designation and that is taking up whatever time I have left after working full time and being the mom of a busy middleschooler. I've sang the praises of this quilting bee before, but had it not been for this bee, I wouldn't have forced myself to take a bit of time out for something I LOVE and MISS dearly.
September blocks are finally finished. Almost two weeks late, but finished and ready to be mailed out. October blocks are also finished which I am relieved about. When I saw the blocks that Cilvee chose, I have to admit, I was seriously nervous but I had no reason to be. These were some of the more fun blocks I've sewn in my block sewing career! They come together quite easily and quickly.
So there. I'm caught up in the quilting bee world. Now to catch up in the studying world! Will I ever be caught up on all fronts? Probably not!

Until next time...