Monday, June 7, 2010

Inspiration Monday

I'm not doing much sewing lately. I finished up my hexes for the handsome hexie swap (will post about that soon!) that Heather organized. I have cut pieces for June's Sew Modern Bee.

But the thing I am most sad to admit is that I have come to the realization that I am losing my sewing space. My youngest daughter is not doing well at sharing a room with her sister and we're all losing too much sleep. I'm too tired to sew in the evenings. . .so it seems a bit silly and selfish, frankly, to try and hang on to the space.


So instead, I'm finding inspiration and making future plans for my sewing life. Things like this are inspiring me lately. What is getting your creative juices flowing?

1. finished and all quilted, 2. original birds on a wire, 3. Urban swap machine cover, 4. Hexagons, 5. Another coin quilt!, 6. nest improv quilted (2)

- Donna


tong said...

Aww, sorry that you are losing your sewing space, but decorating the room for your daughter will probably be tons of fun!! I know how good it is to have your own sewing room, and I can't imagine losing the space. Maybe you can create a little sewing nook in another part of house. Good luck with the "move"!

Capital Mom said...

That is a boo. :-( Sorry to hear that.

Holly said...

Boo! Back to the kitchen table for sewing. It's more of a pain to haul everything out...but on the other hand, you may be better rested and ready for some sewing!

You could always come over and tandem sew at my dining room table. We'll have to come up with a good Christmas project like last year (although I haven't actually finished mine yet!).

Sara said...

Wow - sweet things inspiring you, Miss Donna! I wish I was feeling inspired at all, but just plain too busy with end of school year and life in general. I WILL get my groove back. I WILL!!