Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big E's ATC Swap

Is it because I'm her mother that I find these so heart wrenchingly adorable, or do you see it too? These are Big E's contributions to the Kids Artist Trading Card Swap going on over at House on Hill Road.

I sent them all off last evening, so they should be in the hands of their collectors soon enough. I was impressed to see that out of the 6 children in Big E's group, 4 were boys. I don't know about Big E, but I am really anxious to see what turns up on our doorstep!



Kindred Crafters said...

I think the chicken in the airplane is my favourite. They're all so different. You have a creative kid on your hands.

Sara said...

I bought her these Usborne cards (http://www.usborne-art.com/50-Things-To-Draw-And-Paint.php) for Christmas that show you how to use different mediums for different effects, etc. She did get a lot of inspiration from the cards, but I have to agree, she's pretty creative! I highly recommend the cards, too.