Sunday, February 22, 2009

How I Spent my Sunday Evening

It's late. I want to be done this job. I have a long way to go and many threads to pluck. Who knew I could do so much damage in less than 15 minutes of free motion quilting?
I had grand plans of using cream coloured thread on the sashing, and then swapping it out for a coloured thread for the blocks, while keeping cream thread on the bobbin as the back is mostly creamy fabric. I picked out a juicy orange thread, but with a two and a half year old who has access to my sewing area, it went missing. I grabbed a colour that I thought would work (turquoise) and it DID.NOT.
Ah well, starting on the outside working in when it's your first quilt (even a tiny doll one) is not a good idea, I don't think. I got it all quilted, all around the edges, and then realized I should have done a much better job pinning the darn thing. Plus, I can't seem to get my tension set quite right, so two colours is not a good idea since the bobbin thread peeks through ever so slightly on the top. Not pretty. Using one colour will mask this a bit, although it would be best if I could get the tension set perfectly.
So it' s back downstairs to the seam ripper I go. *grumble, grumble* The amount of time ripping versus sewing is madness. Madness I tells ya.
- Donna


Mimi said...

Poor baby...that IS awful. I hate ripping. Hate, hate, hate, I tell you.

Be sure to take your time as you rip.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Hugs, Mimi

Sara said...

Oh, but you're learning so much, Donna. Even seamripping takes practice!

Stick with it! You can do it. Mimi is right, tomorrow will be a better day!

Donna said...

Thanks, Mimi and Sara. It's ok, I don't REALLY mind . .I did learn a fair bit during the process and seam ripping is going ok. The only thing that is really driving me crazy is how uneven the stitching is . . i think this has to do with my lead foot and how heavily it sat on the pedal . . .or not. (faster makes smaller stitches when free motion quilting? I'm guessing . )

Sara said...

I think you're right, Donna. I keep the pedal to the metal and try and remind myself that even though the motor seems like it's running fast, there is no rush. You'll find your groove soon enough!
There are quite a few wonky stitches on my zig zig quilt, too!