Thursday, February 26, 2009

Toronto Craft Alert's Crafty Slacker Get 'er Done Giveaway

The folks over at Toronto Craft Alert are hosting a brilliant giveaway. Got an abandoned project lying around that you want to finally finish? Now's the time to get 'er done. Enter this contest by posting pics of your forgotten craft effort in their flickr pool and you could win the most awesome goodie basket put together by kind contributors, valued at over $700. Major crafty treasures, folks!

Anyone can enter, you don't have to live in Toronto.

I'm going to get my daughter's mobile done. Finally. She's only 6 months old, that's not so terrible, is it??

I started this mobile soon after seeing the pattern on spool's blog. I was about 4-5 months pregnant, and I happily sat in coffee shops stitching and stuffing birds and showed them off to my midwife as I got them done. My girlfriend Holly chipped in a few birds as she was itching to stitch. I seemed on track to get this mobile up and hung before baby made her appearance.

On Canada Day (July 1 for our international readers) my family and I were walking home from the pool at the end of our street and we spotted a pile of branches in someone's trash bin. I thought "score! perfect for my mobile!" so we brought them home, affixed a bungee cord around them, and put them on our back deck. A month went by, then two, three. It got cold, they got rained on. We brought them inside, leaned them up besides the chair in our living room, even hung some Christmas lights on them over the holidays to make them more festive.

But they weren't festive. Dirty bungee cord and all. My husband removed the cord a few weeks ago and looped white baker's twine around them. A definite improvement, but I'm not done with those branches yet.

This mobile is getting assembled this week. And not too soon, as baby m is getting moved out of our room on the weekend. Sadly, she's moving into my craft room as she's not sleeping through the night and we can't get her into her crib, which sits empty in her sister's room. Here's hoping this is just a temporary sleeping arrangement and I can have my craft room back soon. Otherwise I'm going to have many more abandoned crafts in my future.

- Donna

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Sara said...

Those birds are really great, Donna. As always, great fabric choices! Can't wait to see the finished product.