Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Repurposing Pillowcases

I went to a fundraiser booksale at a local daycare this weekend, and picked up an advance copy of this book for 10$10! One of the parents whose children attend the daycare owns a bookstore and had some great books that had been donated by her book reps. The idea of repurposing materials I can get at a thrift shop greatly appeals to me. There are tons of great prints to be found in the linen section of your local thrift shop, and I just love that you can get about a yard of fabric for 99cents! Can't beat the price.

I invaded the yellow section of the linen this past weekend and came up with four great pillowcases to have on hand for when I tackle a project in this new book. (My stash is also very low on yellows). I love what I got, for the grand total of $3.97. The one in the top right corner reminds me of some Amy Butler fabric - same colours - might be fun to get some of that and use them together. I also love the scallopy ricrac-like edging on the case on the bottom left.
Do any of you used repurposed materials in your creations?
Now I just need to tackle the hurdle that is using my sewing machine. I will write about my fear and problems I've been having very soon.
- Donna

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Sara said...

You found some great prints, Donna! I like how the two left ones work together. I am sure you'll create something wonderful with them!