Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mobile Swap

Over the past year I have been admiring all of the participants in the Elsie Marley Mobile Swap. In that same time, my love for polka dots, red and mushrooms has grown exponentially. Why not bring the two together, then? It was obvious what I should do when I signed up for this years swap.

I haven't contacted my swap partner yet (it was optional) so that I could share the progression of the mobile as I went along. I am satisfied with the mushrooms, but I have them hanging from an embroidery hoop and it doesn't work at all. So I'm druming up another idea for what these little pretties will hang from which may involve a hike in the woods. The weather isn't cooperating, so it'll have to wait. Good thing I started fairly early!


1 comment:

Donna said...

i love the mushrooms. they've turned out really cute. I'll be happy to see what you come up with to hang them from . .