Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A vintage pillowcase quilt - Check!

Ever since getting this book I've been itching to try out several of the projects. I managed to check one of them off my list this past long weekend, by completing a little baby quilt out of four different pillowcases. Although I didn't stick to the pattern to a T, I did start out that way, but ended up with a HUGE baby quilt (maybe my pillowcases were really big??) so I cut part of it off and went with that.

It's going to a new baby girl born a week or so ago. Can't wait to gift it! I haven't washed it yet, so not sure how much it will shrink up. The white fabric wasn't prewashed, not was the batting. It currently measures 32" X 44", so I'm hoping it doesn't shrink TOO much as it's a bit narrow.

I learned a little trick at my last quilting class too - clipping the corners of your quilt sandwich before mitering the corners gets rid of some bulk and allows for smoother corners. Still not perfect, but I do see an improvement.

Next up is the quilt I've been working on my quilting class. My class is now over and we're left to our own devices to get it quilted and bound. We starting quilting it in class and it was going along fine . .until it wasn't. We're supposed to qulit it as Sara did her last one, nice straight crosshatching. Mine, not so straight, not so nice. I'm going to be spending some quality time with my seam ripper in the not too distant future. I wanted to only show a completed project on that one, but I may come to you all seeking advice on how to quilt it. I'm sure you're sitting on the edge of your seat waiting, right? :)

I jest.

- Donna


Kindred Crafters said...

I really, really love this quilt, Donna. My favorite part is the wohle pillowcase...makes me think the underside of a quilt would be cute set as a bed...two pillowcases at the top and a sheet folded down for the rest of it.
Impressive mitering, Lady!


Donna said...

that would be super cute, Sara. I will be keeping an eye out for pillowases at the thrift shop from now on and maybe I'll get to try this again soon

- donna

annie said...

that is wonderful..such a great idea, and i was going to discard mine..isn't reccling great..