Thursday, May 21, 2009


Kristy over at HernanaMER tagged us for an Awe-Summm blog award. Aw shucks. As a result of this honour, we're duty bound to list 7 reasons we're awe-summ, and then pass on the bloggy love to seven awe-summ folks.
Here goes:
1) Sara is awe-summ because she motivates me to craft every day. I'm so impressed with how she figures out things on her own and produces such wonderful pieces. I really hope to be able to sew and craft as well as her some day.
2) Sara was a single mom for a few years and managed to juggle school, work, and bringing up a great kid. That makes her mega awe-summmm. Oh, and she makes the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies EVER.
3) Sara is one of the most encouraging people I've ever met. She has an edge, which keeps her interesting, but she's a super supportive cheerleader in so many ways.

4) Our friendship is unique because we're closer than ever, despite not having seen one another for NINE years. We've known one another for over 13 years and were in fact slated to be residence roomies at uni, although this didn't quite work out (not because we weren't compatible!). Or maybe it did. We're still in each other's lives, while the roommate I did end up with is just a whiff on facebook.
5) Donna is awe-summ because she'll try anything at all. She's adventurous and not only in a crafty sense. She moved all the way from the Northwest Territories to New Brunswick, by herself, to attend university. She then moved all the way back across the country to British Columbia and lived on her own while she completed her Masters degree. Then she packed up and moved to Ottawa to work on Parliament Hill. Adventurous or ambitious? Both, I think.

6) Donna only began her sewing journey last November when her awe-summ husband gifted her with her first sewing machine. We're talking a mere 6 months ago here. Have you seen what she can do with that thing? Her progress is off the charts awe-summ! She's also pro at picking fabric combos...something not everyone is good at, including me.

7) Donna is a wonderful mama to two little beauties. It kills me that she has two children and I've never met them (we're going to fix that this year!), but through our e-relationship, it's crystal clear to me that she is doing a bang-up, awe-summ job with those girlies.


And now for our seven much loved blogs. Seven is a small number of the many we cruise daily.

1) Lina at Linaloo is a Brit married to a Canadian living in the fair city of Montreal. She has a real knack for ferreting out great materials at thrift shops and creates many beautiful things.

2) Kaori at Koala Brains is a super creative and prolific mama who also makes wonderful food which she shares on her blog.

3) Christina at the Sometime Crafter has some super great tutorials and her blog is a beauty to behold. Her blog headers always make us smile.

4) April at BySmallMeans is a super talented sewer and just held a mega giveaway extravaganza to celebrate her birthday. I was a lucky recipient of this AWE-SUMM fabric box and I am in awe of her generous spirit! Thanks, April!

5) Suzanne at Foofanagle. She posts great reviews and lots of helpful stuff. She's Donna's swap partner in the coaster swap, too (lucky Donna!)

6) Isa is awe-summ because she incorporates modern fabric into classic quilting patterns, and she does all this with a 9 yr old and a baby in tow. Need we say more?
7) We've really been crushing over the work done by Red Pepper Quilts lately, too. One click and you’ll agree that she needs no explanation as to why she’s awe-summ.
Thanks, Kristy! This was a fun post to write.
- Donna & Sara


Kristy said...

Sara and Donna, what an awe-summ post! It's so great how you both motivate each other, despite the distance. And wow, Donna, I can't believe you started sewing only 6 months ago! I loved visiting the blogs you ladies listed. Glad you had fun =)

Christina said...

Love the 7 things about each of you. Thank you so much for the award. I'm so glad that others recieve such joy from what I have to share. Now to just remember to blog about this... :)

Lina said...

Thank you girls - always nice to hear more about the people behind the blog!

koala brains said...

Thanks for the award!!! I love reading your blog and think yours is Awe-Summmm, too!

珊珊李 said...
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