Friday, May 8, 2009

May 5X5 Received!

Donna sent me these beauties this month:
She also sent some sweet little extras like tea and stickers, all packaged so sweetly. I guess I should have photographed it for you, but I was just so anxious to get in to it all! Again, Donna sits and waits for my 5x5 envelope. I was especially late getting it in the mail this month and last month it got returned because I didn't stick enough stamps on it. Bad co-blogger! I promise to get my coaster swap out on time (maybe even early) and next month, Donna, it'll be on your door step on or before June 1st. Cross my heart.


Donna said...

Pretty! They photographed really well. Did you have a virtual cup of tea with me yet? I'm drinking lemon ginger this am . .

Donna said...

oh, and ps - it's fine that mine hasn't arrived. Something to look forward to (beyond my big order of fabric . .when oh when will that arrive!)

Anonymous said...
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