Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Kindred Crafters Swap - Make Some Coasters!

It's high time we organize a swap over here at Kindred Crafters. We thought that finding something that didn't take a super long time to make would be just the thing, so we came up with coasters.

There are oodles of great tutorials out there. Take a look at these beautiful ones:
Ellen's cool Crooked Coasters at the long thread:

Alyson Hill's stylish yet useful Wipe Clean Coasters:

Suzanne at Foofanagle's Simple Patchwork Coasters:

Oooh, and aren't Christina's reverse applique coasters at the Sometimes Crafter fantastic?

(all photos courtesy of the creators whose work is shown. Thanks, gals, for permission to post!)

There are more great tutorials here, and here, or why not cruise around flickr to get inspired? We love these, these, these, and these, but feel free to let your imagination run wild!

So here are the rules to play our little coaster swap game:

1. Email us at kindredcrafters (at) gmail (dot) com before Friday, May 8th with the following info:
  • Name
  • Mailing address (THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL SWAP! Please be prepared to ship internationally)
  • Blog address (not necessary, but fun to share!)
2. Over the weekend of May 9-10, you'll get an email from one of us letting you know the email address of your swap partner (don't forget to check your spam folder!). It'll be up to you to contact the lucky person for some direction on what to make. Perhaps they have a favourite drink and/or treat that you'd like to include in the swap package? Maybe they have a favourite colour or decor style? Feel free to add in a few extras to make the parcel extra special!

3. Create your coasters and get 'em in the mail by Monday, June 1.

4. Wait eagerly for your package.

5. Post a picture to the flickr group once your coasters have arrived. The group can be found at:

6. Now here's where it gets interesting. Post about the swap on your blog to receive an entry into our surprise giveaway. Those who post photos into the flickr group will also get an entry. Let us know you did these things by leaving a comment on this post.

Easy, peasy, and so fun!
We're really looking forward to seeing what all you swappers come up with...
- Sara and Donna
**PS - Please sign up for this post only if you really are interested in sending something out into the world. Keep the good karma rollin' and be sure and send something out. People put a lot of heart into swaps and we want to make sure no one is disappointed.


Isa said...

Yay, count me I'm in. This is going to be fun.
It's a great idea to make a coasterswap.

Katy said...

Awesome swap idea ! I'm in - off to email you now..

koala brains said...

That's a great idea. I look forward to seeing all the photos of the creations. BTW Sara, I was super nervous about working w/ the knit fabric of my swirly skirt, especially the hem. I was pleasantly surprised w/ the results. Give it a try. I used a brand new ball point needle for my sewing machine plus read up on how to hem knit.

His Honeybee said...

So glad to find your blog!!! This sounds like such a fun swap! I'd love to do it. I'll email you.

Nice to "meet" you,
Melissa from

p.s. Please consider "following" my blog, I'd love your "company"!:D

Sazzie said...

Count me in, I'm in the UK but would to take part in an international swap.



Anonymous said...

I'm in and I blogged about this as well.

~Michelle~ said...

I think you saw it already, but I blogged here:

Donna said...

Yay! So happy so many people are signing up!!

Candace said...

i just blogged about the swap. hopefully it gets more people to join in.


Lori said...

you got me to join!! WTG Candace!!
Here is my blog post!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I emailed yesterday about entering the swap, but haven't heard back. Is it full?

nicole said...

i just posted about it! way excited

Kindred Crafters said...

Summersadie - just emailed you -sorry - your email was received but for some reason I filed it away before replying. D'oh!

Nicole - care to share the link?

- donna

Kristy said...

Yay this seems like such a fun swap! On my way to email you and blog about it now =)

Maggie said...

I just emailed and blogged about this super fun swap! Looking so very forward to it!

Emily said...

I just sent an email about joining the swap. I hope I'm not too late! :-)

I also mentioned the swap on my Facebook page. I hope that is ok!

Anonymous said...

Hiya. I've put a post up that includes the coaster swap and put your button on my blog.

Mama from said...

I send you a kiss from France :o)
If you want to swap with me you can see my profil and pictures on
Have a nice day!!
Mama From Sirpriz

Sazzie said...

The postman has just delivered my package from Angelune - beautiful - I have posted a pic onto flickr.

thank you so much for hosting this swap.



tammywith2 said...

Hey Donna & Sara,
Just wanted to thank the two of you for hosting the swap. It's been lots of fun! I'm glad I made it my first swap. I've really loved seeing all the other coasters on the flickr pool.
Thanks bunches,

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna & Sara
Just to let you know that I've posted details of received and sent on my blog and uploaded a photo of the coasters I made to the flickr group.
Thanks for hosting, it was a great swap to be involved in.