Friday, April 17, 2009

Pillowcase Compulsion

Remember when I bought this book? I think I shouldn't have bought it, because I have yet to sew anything from it, yet it has hugely fueled my compulsion for thrifting pillowcases.

Some recent finds:

Except for the cross hatched one, they all seem very girlie. I think they'd make great backing for a baby quilt, but that would require me waiting to see if girls are born rather than boys . . .and I'm so keen to make quilts right now that as soon as I hear someone is pregnant I am already scheming and laying out fabric. There are tons of cute projects in the book, I've just got to pick one!

- Donna


Sara said...

You know how to pick 'em!

koala brains said...

Donna - I have the same sheet w/ the ric rac design. This keeps happening to us. We must be on the same frequency. ;) I made a smock out of it and a baby doll sling.

Donna said...

Kaori- that is strange. We live a world away! I only grabbed one of those pillowcases, and there were two - I should have grabbed both. A full sheet would be nice. I'll pretend that your sheet and my pillowcases were a matched pair. Could be!

summersadie said...

oh I love those finds! I've been into thrifting vintage sheets and pillowcases lately. I love it.