Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Donna! Look what arrived today!

This monthly swap thing just keeps getting better and better! Some sweet Easter inspired choices sent from Donna to lil' ol' me for our April 5x5 swap.

I was also the fortunate recipient of this awesome vintage trim. Not creepy at all, D. Just the opposite!
Thanks so much!



Kindred Crafters said...

I'm glad that it got there! The first four I bought all on the same day at Fabricland - aren't they eastery? The white with pale purple dots is a piece of vintage bed linen!

The trim is also from fabricland - it looks pretty vintage, hey? Thought you'd appreciate the mushrooms! The button is vintage though - love those buttons!

- Donna

Sara said...

I forgot to mention the button...it's probably my favorite button in my collection and if you saw my collection, you'd know that's an honor! There are a lot of buttons in this house!
Don't you find it funny that there was one red button in both of our parcels? I tell yha, kindred crafters all the way to the bank!

Donna said...

I loved your handmade card, too - -yup - we're on the same wavelength.

Where do you shop for buttons? Lucked out at any estate sales or garage sales? I keep my eyes open but have resorted to setting my MIL to the task!