Saturday, April 4, 2009

Local Find

I found these gems in a little quilt shop downtown. What a pleasant surprise. They're Moda, but I forget which collection. What would you use these for?



Donna said...

There's a quilt shop? Yay!

I love the houses.

I think I would use them for a certain 5 X 5 exchange.

heh. But barring that, I think they would make a cute apron? The houses look fairly big so something that would allow for them to show is needed, I think.

Mimi said...

Oh, gosh, they are beautiful!!!

I'd use the tiny print in a little girl's quilt. Darling print.

I would probably do some fussy cutting and use the houses as the center focus of a pieced block.

Whatever you decide to use them for, you certainly can't go wrong.


annie said...

i can see a baby all snuggled in this..a baby quilt for sure.squares of houses with pieces of other material framing it..