Friday, April 24, 2009

Teach Me!

I'm starting a quilting class tomorrow morning at a nearby fabric store. (I'd link to them, but while they have a great store and a domain name, they have no web presence!)

Yay. All my fabrics are washed and pressed. I'm going to be using the Katy Jump Rope line with a small infusion of Amy Butler and Michael Miller, with a piece of thrifted pillowcase thrown in for good measure. The class is 3 sessions long, and promises to teach me the basics of cutting, sewing 1/4 " seams, and quilting. We'll be making a strippy quilt (the one in the shop looks like the easy lap quilt in Amy Karol's book, only more strippy).

So excited! And so happy that my husband agreed to giving me this time. It's hard to be one parent down for three Saturday mornings in a row. With Saturday morning swimming lessons moved to afternoons starting next week, it just seemed like the perfect time to fit in a little class.


- Donna


piecemealquilts said...

Woohoo - another quilter! I've been quilting for five or six years, and it's the first craft that I've stuck to. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Sarah said...

Ohh, pretty fabric!

Mimi said...

Have a wonderful time in your class. I love taking a always learn something new!

Love your fabric choices.


koala brains said...

Good luck and have fun. Enjoy the time...always good to get dad to watch the kids to better appreciate what moms do every day! ;)

Sara said...

So happy you're able to join the class and great fabric choices! Is it any coincidence that both of the quilts I'm working on are using Katie Jump Rope? I think not! Who will be the lucky one to cuddle with this lovey?

Donna said...

It's for a baby due in October. Lots of time from now!!