Monday, April 13, 2009

The Mother Lode

My mother-in-law to-be got to cleaning out her stash and ever so kindly gifted me with a lot (to put it lightly) of what she was getting rid of. This is just a small portion of what the boxes (yes, boxES) included:

I have big plans for this stuff and of course, would love to jump over the rest of my ongoing projects and in to those boxes. I'm thinking something like this for the fabric in the pictures? What do you think? Thankfully, I know better than to clutter up my small sewing space with too many WIPS, so I got a few things cleared away today in prepration for my grand plans.

Trying my hand at one of these quilted pillows has been on my to do list for a while...

...and those poor oven mitts (made with a pattern from Lotta Jansdotter's book) were a half finished Christmas present for my mom.

Glad to finally have those off of my conscience! The only thing standing between me and the boxes now is that baby boy quilt. Almost there...



Donna said...

Ok. LOVE postage stamp quilt. I was just saying to Holly today that I'm going to start a little envelope with 2 inch squares.

I also LOVE that striped fabric. SO fantastic.

What did you use for the pillow form? It looks great. Perfectly puffy. How is the back done? Can you remove the pillow and wash the cover (a major consideration in my house!)

Sara said...

I found three 16" pillow forms on sale at Fabricville a few months ago for $2.99 or something wildly cheap like that.

I set out to make the back of the pillow cover like an envelope so it could be washed, but didn't think it through properly, so instead it's sewn in there for good!

The striped fabric was a Joann's purchase back in the fall. It's a heavier canvas.

Sarah said...

Holy cow! thats a lot of fabric!
Love the pillow!