Sunday, April 5, 2009

I think I'll keep my day job...

...and leave the cake pops to Bakerella.

I knew from the get-go that I wouldn't be capable of anything fancy, tiny things and I aren't exactly BFF, but I desperately wanted to give this little bit of genius a try.

In my mind's eye, these would be wonderful little rainbow eggs with nice smooth surfaces. My mind's eye needs glasses in a bad way.

Nevertheless, they're headed in to Big E's class for an Easter treat. That's the thing about fourth graders, they'll eat just about anything as long as it's all coated in neon!

Here are Big E's masterpieces - she called them "abstrak":

Now that they're finished, I can say they were kind of fun to make. Not sure I'd rush right back to the kitchen to make another batch or anything, but maybe sometime down the road there'll be another kick at the cake pop can!



Mimi said...

As long as Big E likes them and they aren't poison, it was a success. I think they are cute, actually.

I'm glad they are done and you won't be scarred forever.


Donna said...

Love the mental image of your mind's eye searching for its spectacles! Thanks for that.

I think they look fabulous. They'll be a hit for sure.

annie said...

from a mothers heart to a childs

lovely job sara

koala brains said...

Love the eggs and the use of multiple colors! I made the pops before and could NOT get them to shape like cupcakes (sticking to the mold - arghhhh!!!) so I just balled them up. Then I couldn't get them to stay on the sticks so they became truffle looking balls. Bummer when things don't come out as you IMAGINE but in REALITY, they still look great in their new way and most importantly, TASTE delicious!!!

Sara said...

Thanks, all!
KB - they WERE really hard to shape. I didn't like that part at all. I was thinking that if I had the patience to chill the mixture before shaping and again after (before sticking the sticks in) it would have made life easier. But, alas, I'm not know for my patience!

LollyChops said...

I cannot wait to try these! I am going to have a cake pop making party with my aunt, cousin, mom and sister in a few weeks (everyone is coming to town for a pottery weekend). I can hardly wait!! Do you have any other tips???

Sara said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, Lolly! I'd say the chilling and taking Bakerella up on the advice to dip the stick in a bit of chocolate before inserting it into the cake are the most important for success. The rest is pretty fun! I used the melting wafers and melted them in the microwave, stirring after every 30 seconds. Have fun!!