Monday, April 6, 2009

Bunny Shirts Galore

Last minute gifts are so fun. And not very stressful when lovely templates are provided. Lollychops ran a big time bunny week a while back and I was only slightly late to get in on the fun.

I whipped up four cute appliqued shirts for some cute little girls in my life. We had friends visiting from out of town last week and I was able to hand deliver the shirt. My daughter, big M, and her friend A are just 5 weeks apart and don't get to see one another nearly often enough. They wanted to put those shirts on immediately and get back to sticker trading. My battery camera was out of juice so I don't have pictures of all the shirts but my friend luckily had hers out to capture this sweet moment.

Thanks, Lolly, for the templates!

- Donna


LollyChops said...

YAY!!! The shirts came out so great and the pic of the girls sticker trading is especially cute!

Sara said...

Just when I thought those two littles couldn't possibly get any sweeter, they get matching bunny shirts. Absolutely adorable! Great work, Donna!