Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Contagious!

This is Big E with her very first quilt. How pround am I to have a girl that loves to quilt?

She was hooked from the first seam and saw it through right up until the part where handsewing the binding reared it's ugly head. That's where Mom came in handy! Her favorite part was quilting it and it shows in the final product. Her lines are so straight!

She's a natural.



Donna said...

Yay E! What a great job. I totally want to be able to click into that photo so I can admire her handiwork close up. I'm proud of her too!

(and not so secretly harbouring hopes of my girls following in her footsteps!)


annie said...

why, i cant beleive this beautiful piece of work..makes me envious...congrats Em..

Karen A. said...

Awe.... what a sweetheart! Lucky for her she has a gem of a role model ;)
luv ya's xo

Vals Quilting said...

nice job little nieces want to learn how to sew and quilt like their auntie - this will give them inspiration...

Good Job - it looks better then my first :)