Sunday, May 3, 2009

Little Baby Boy Number - Complete

First of all, we're getting really excited about the Coaster Swap! Swappers are trickling in and it's shaping up to be a great group. Don't forget to sign up by Friday, May 8th!

Now on to the quilting - I've learned a valuable lesson with this quilt: making a quilt with no planned recipient isn't near as entertaining. I'm happy with this one, but I don't feel a connection to it like I did the past quilts I've made. Is that weird?
The fabric used in this quilt is primarily Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope and some dotty love from Fabricville for the binding. I also managed to use up some solid blue I had kicking around as leftovers from Big E's nursery. The quilt measures 37"x 46".

It's finally off of my to do list and I am quite happy about that. There is another one in the quilting stages and hopefully will join this baby boy quilt in the finished pile by tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me, would you?


Isa said...

My fingers are crossed :-)
I really like the quilt. Simple and cute.

danielle said...

looks gorgeous!

Kindred Crafters said...

I love the back. Love. So simple but so striking!

And your free motion is AWESOME~
- donna

Amy said...

I love it. Sometimes simple is best!

Sarah said...


Sara said...

Thank you for the compliments!

Karen said...

I love this... great job little miss talented crafter you ;)