Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tie Dye with Big E

We spent yesterday afternoon and into the evening dying baby shirts. We had a great time together. Big E was great with making designs and combining colors. It had the potential to be a really messy project, but we managed (with a lot of plastic bags) to refrain from staining anything but the shirts and my hands!

This kit was delivered by none other than Santa Clause, so I don't know where you can get your own, but it was the Tulip kit. The colors seemed to stay pretty vibrant after one wash (as seen above).
Two of these are for presents, but Big E has plans to maybe sell some in my Etsy shop to earn some funds for herself!


Donna said...

I just love how bright they are - I've done tie dye before (hello, Tibbits Woodstock social) but the colours were rather dull.

These are fabulous! Who are the lucky babies?

Karina said...

They turned out adorable. We've done them before as well, but never in baby sized - how cute. I've always kept this kind of crafting to be done outside - you are one brave woman to tackle tye dye in the house. Great Job!

Leslie said...

i have always wanted to try tie dye!!! these look great and like so much fun

Isa said...

They look so cool! I love the bright colors, and that they are kinda retro :-)
Well done!

Dee said...

Do they come in adult sizes? Of course, going to the bathroom would be a little difficult on some of them...buty hey, anything for fashionably cool!

Mimi said...

Oh my Gosh! This projects takes me back to when my children were babies and I did some funky tie dying with their onesies!! They turned out sooooo awesome and a real hit with the othere moms. I even made some as gifts for new moms.