Monday, January 4, 2010

Daycare Quilts done in the nick of time

My girls are heading back to daycare today, following the holiday shutdown. They'll be dragging their new mama-made quilts behind them. Starting to make your daughters quilts, however simple the design, on Dec 23rd doesn't equal an attainable goal, at least not for me.
So I reset the goal to have them done by today so they'd be ready for daycare.

and yay!
This one is for my youngest daughter. Maude is a sunny little thing, so orange was a natural shade for this one. I am utterly in love with the Grass Green Kona Cotton, too, so I put a fair bit of that in, along with some cute Japanese prints I've been hoarding, some Joel Dewberry, and some Sandi Henderson, plus a few other prints I had in my stash. Actually, all prints came from my stash, for both quilts.

I quilted it in side to side free motion wiggly lines. I wasn't sure I liked this before it was washed as it was so random it hurt, but a wash does wonders and I'm pleased with the result.

This second one is for my oldest daughter Margo. She's more complicated than Maude, and has a much more contrasting personality, so I went with some clashing colours. She also loves animals so I based this quilt around the Michael Miller Calico Kitty fabric I had purchased months ago with her in mind.

I quilted it a la Ashley, after reading her recent entry about the quilt she made her sister for Christmas. Soft sounded good. (Diagonal lines through the squares with one direction running as single lines and the opposite direction running in double lines) . Love the polka stripe! The quilt is bound in a shred of vintage red and white gingham that I had. Yikes - vintage (read, thin and pully!) fabric as binding? Don't think I'll be trying that in a hurry.

I'll be happy to have these little gems cover my little gems each naptime.
- Donna


Sara said...

Two very lucky little girls to go off to daycare with those beauties!
The red and white polka dots are perfect with those cats, non?

Jan said...

These are wonderful. I agree, they're lucky. The quilts will last for a long time, they'll have many happy memories of them and you.

Leslie said...

these are wonderful. i love how you customized the quits for them.

Holly said...

So lovely! I especially love the squiggly line quilting.

Isn't it nice to know that your girls will be cuddled up under something that you made for them? Love that.

Vals Quilting said...

these are so darling and personalized, nice job and your girls must be so happy. Let's just hope they stay with the girls and someone else doesn't get their hands on them...
Lucky little munchkins!

Dee said...

What an awesome Mommy you are!

The quilts are fabulous and the girls will be getting "hugs" from you all day long!

jaybird said...

how cute... i need to make one of these for my nephew since he just started pre-school