Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bake Sale Preparations

I think Big E needs a blog of her own...she's been the reason for all of the crafting in the house lately! This weekend project was "baking like we've never baked before" in preparation for a bake sale at her school this week. They are raising money for Haiti and Big E is all over it like a cheap suit. We made chocolate suckers, gummy skewers, chocolate chip cookie pizza and some of these (ours aren't as cute, but they'll do!). I must say, the basic cookie recipe for the hugs and kisses cookies is perfectly perfect and easy as pie.

What kind of fundraising are you doing for Haiti?



Donna said...

Amazing . . I would never have thought of doing gummy skewers. Cute!

No pics of your kisses and hugs?

Donna said...

Oh yeah .. meant to say that the girls raised $175 for their lap-a-thon . ..eager to see the total fund raised by their preschool!

Dee said...

They're so cute, and my guys would love the army men skewers.

We're not fund raising for Haiti, if I can burst a bubble or two. We try to keep our charitable giving local. Missions. Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Plus we have an outreach ministry for innercity boys basketball that we contribute time, energy, prayer, money and supplies to.
Not that we're not sympathetic to the plight of those in Haiti, but our tax dollars are going there via military oversight and the supplies the US government is sending in. Please don't think we're heartless, just stretched thin as it is.

But, with all that having been said, I admire the hearts of those who are raising money and sending supplies and support! Good on ya mates!

Melissa said...

Wish E was here to do my baking! I stopped at the Superstore hours before my bakesale and grabbed a box of cookies. They would have lost their s*** over those gummies!

Sara said...

Don't let the gummy skewers fool you. To put it lightly, they were a pain...and then more pain on top of that. I thought they'd slip right down that stick, but I was never more wrong than I was about that. Thankfully, we managed to push on and finish them because they looked so darned cute!

Dee - I think it's great that you're continuing to think locally. It's very true that there are many ways to do good here in our own backyard as well as abroad - especially in these tough economic times!