Saturday, January 2, 2010

I don't make resolutions

Just like Christina, I won't make resolutions, but I have crafty goals in mind for this year.

I will finish my string quilt this year.

I will use my vintage buttons in some way. Love the look of this project.

I will try my hand at some paper pieced hexes.

There is a rainbow dresden in my future (just ordered a template since Santa didn't deliver that wish list item. I'm pretending i deserved it!)

I will make more of these awesome quilted bibs, using jcasahandmade's cute pattern.

I need more pincusions. Stitchindye has a cool hex pattern.

I would love to try a mini quilt with some house blocks.

Ticker tape quilt for a baby quilt sounds so textury and good. Thanks Crazy Mom Quilts!

Already thinking about next year I've picked up materials for a wreath a la Sweet Jessie. Sparkly and shiny and oh so pretty.

What do you all have planned for 2010?

- Donna.

1. String Quilt Top, 2. Button Heart, 3. Doll Quilt Swap Received!!, 4. Doll Quilt Swap 7, 5. quilted patchwork bibs, 6. YIP 365. 114 :: Hex Pincushion, 7. Ingrid Press Festival Of Quilts 2009, NEC Birmingham, 8. ticker tape, 9. sparkly wreath


Abby said...

Well, I'm going to finish my value quilt, do some free-hand handquilting with Baptist fans, try out some diamonds, and I will make an advent calendar time for advent!

andrea creates said...

I wrote about mostly having crafty goals this year too-
love the mosaic..gotta checkout the pincushion :)
Happy New Year!

Leslie said...

i don't think i will be making any resolutions either this year...but i do want to challenge myself a little this year with quilting. if i am brave enough.

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

This year I want to make tiny houses like the one you're showing, plus try the free pieced letters on Tonya's blog.

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Oh yeah, here's the link to the free pieced letters tutorials on Tonya's blog, Lazy Gal Quilting:

Melanie said...

Donna - check this link at Big Huge Labs for the mosaic (with html) for the photo links.

Your crafty goals are inspiring! I'd like to try some of those things too. My crafty resolution - finish what I start!

CupCakeCutie said...

Crafty goals are the best becuase it's easy to tell if you've reached them. My goals including making a purse for myself(already signed up for the class!) . I would also love to make a quilt for myself. Another goal is to sell something on Etsy.

Sara said...

I am excited to see your goals come to fruition, D!

I have too many. I think I need to narrow them down a bit so they don't seem like a big mountain to climb!

Christina said...

Awesome goals! I love them all!

Mosaic: once it's in your Flickr, if you go to view all sizes, and choose the first box with all the HTML and insert that into your "source code" on your blog post...maybe that does it? I think for the most part people just have readers click on the image and go to their Flickr to see all the links. I don't mind doing that because it gives me a chance to see that bloggers Flickr and what they choose for their Favorites. :)

Sara said...

Hey Donna,
I just figured out how to get the links below a mosaic...
Once your mosaic is created, there is a box under it with the HTML code. Simply copy it, then paste into HTML screen in blogger under the mosaic. It'll show up once you go back to compose screen.

Donna said...

Can you do it in this entry, S?