Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clay Cuties

One look at this book on WiseCraft was enough to sell me. A few clicks of the mouse later and it was en route to my front door. Vive l'internet! I had all but forgotten my Fimo days when I was Big E's age. Beads were all the rage back then so regretfully, polymer clay food never even crossed my mind. I had to introduce this bit of genius to Big E and it had to be right away. She's the perfect age for this stuff!

I managed to hide it away until Christmas which gave me the necessary time to procure some clay, some tools, some jewelery findings and of course these in the case that she'd want to gift one of her creations...she'd need to be fully prepared!

Rolling that clay around in my hands instantly brought me back to her age. Fimo has come a long way. No longer the frustrating, crumbly mess it used to be. It's soft and easy to massage into these sweet little shapes. There will definitely be more where these came from!

The book is also highly recommended. The instructions are crystal clear, lots of pictures to guide you through. What's also great is that there are edible recipes tucked in there along side of all the cute!

As I say to Big E - try it, you'll like it!



Dee said...

too cute...but at my house, you're never quite sure what might get shaped! LOL

Needled Mom said...

Sooooo cute!

Donna said...

I want one!!