Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Make some stacking lentil bags

Lentil bags
Originally uploaded by Kindred Crafters
Chez Beeper Bebe posted a fantastic tutorial for stacking numbered bean bags. These little gems have a million uses - toss 'em, stack 'em, sort 'em, use them as teachables for colour or numbers, doll pillows - possibilities are endless.

I used some cream linen I had bought ages ago (before I learned how to sew!) with the intention of making linen napkins. Ha!

Much cuter as lentil bags for my daughters! They promptly fought over them like all good sisters would, and my eldest claimed the number one for herself since "hey! It has the same fabric as my quilt!". Amazing pattern recognition!

What are you making these days?

- donna


Leslie said...

man i wish i was making something...instead i doing laundry today, cleaning and doing dishes....i would have much rather been working on my quilt.

Dee said...

What am I making? A mess! LOL As usual. I'm working on a wall hanging which is probably turning into a quilt for our in renovation process family room!

Could you put rice in these babies, nuke them and stuff them in your socks on a cold day?


CupCakeCutie said...

love them! I made my old girl some patchwork bean bags for Christmas and she loves them. I'm working on an inspiration/happiness journal at the moment.