Monday, March 16, 2009

Visual Learner

There was some progress on the coin quilt on Sunday afternoon, but since I started seeing the light at the end of that tunnel, I couldn't stop thinking ahead to the next one in the queue. So far I know I want to use the Recess charm packs, but beyond that I can't decide whether to do a stacked coin or a pinwheel pattern. I couldn't quite work them out in my head, so I put together some pinwheel blocks to help me with calculations and potentially a decision. I'm still perched firmly on the fence. If nothing else, it was fun practicing!

Does anyone else get scared when it's time to sandwich their precious quilt tops? I have a really hard time getting over that hump and into quilting it, it seems. I guess it must be that I made it this far and don't want to ruin a (semi) good thing!



Donna said...

More than semi, hon. You do such nice work. And you're getting more daring, and experienced, in leaps and bounds. It's fun to watch, from afar.

Sara said...

You're too kind, Donna!

Mimi said...

I absolutely love the fabrics!!! They are so beautiful.


Anna said...

I love those fabric color combos too! So pretty and girly. Pinwheels are fun because they are fairly easy, if you don't bother cutting out the triangles and just do the two squares, draw a line, sew on either side method of piecing. I saw on your later post you decided to do a whirlygig, good luck! Crazy Mom Quilts has a good tutorial on her blog. I really love your blog by the way.


Sara said...

Thanks, Anna! I really love the method of sewing that you mentioned. I don't think I could manage a whole quilt if I had to cut each triangle and sew it seperately. It's quite a time saver! I must go check out Crazy Mom Quilts' tutorial before I get in to the nitty gritty!

Melissa said...

This is beautiful Sara! Love the color selection.