Friday, March 13, 2009

SMSFQS #2 & #3

The mailbox has been so very kind to me lately! Two more swap envelopes arrived in the past week and I love them both a whole lot. I thought it was very sweet that one partner sent some of her very first fabric. Do you remember your first? I've been at this too long to remember! Thank you so much, ladies!


Mimi said...

I remember the first "expensive" fabric when I was just learning to sew. It was a beautiful loosely woven wool and I was afraid to cut it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,
I'm an illustrator and crafter, and lately after stummbling across all kinds of crafty blogs have given me an itch to learn how to sew. So my mom dropped off her old sewing machine... LOL, that was it, just dropped it off.

I turned it on with no clue what to do. After causing it to fall apart trying to figure it out; I surfed the web a bit to find an online manual. To my pleasent surprise I found one and away I went.

I made to little stuffed monster for my little men. And repairs two pair of Jammies for one of my men. I think I'm hooked. I look forward to reading your blog as you're learning new things... as I will hope to be learning more too!

God Bless

Donna said...

I have some much loved pieces that I'm loath to cut into . . so I try and buy lots of fabric at the second hand store . .at least then I can justify that it was relatively inexpensive (although sometimes I convince myself that it's rare!)

Thanks for your comment, Tammy! Thanks for stopping by. Sara is definitely not in the just learning category, although i think she would consider herself always learning . .I however, am definitely in that camp . . .so please stop by again and read about my foibles!

- donna