Sunday, March 22, 2009

Making Plans

Now that the coin quilt is but a memory, plans for the next one are taking shape. I had previously mentioned it was a toss up between the stacked coin and pinwheel patterns, but somehow I completely changed my mind and decided to go with the whirlygiggle pattern instead. Wish. Me. Luck. Saying I am a little nervous about this one is an understatement!

I wanted something somewhat old fashioned to match the personalities of the soon to be parents that'll be on the receiving end of this quilt. Their nursery is painted yellow and they aren't finding out whether it'll be a boy or a girl until the big day. I thought this collection (Recess) would fit all of these constraints well! I fear it may be too busy, so I am using 2 of the same charms for each block and then adding an ivory border around each 'whirlygiggle' to try and tame it down. My next step is to narrow the charms down to 20 patterns and then get to cutting out ivory 5"x5"'s.

I haphazardly hung a white sheet up as a makeshift project wall. This trick makes life a whole lot easier in the planning stages. And while we're on the topic of making life easier, everyone who is thinking of quilting anything at all needs to stop reading this blog and do whatever it takes to procure some temporary spray adhesive. Best. Thing. Ever. For real. I used it when I sandwiched the coin quilt and it made quilting a breeze. I really can't say enough good about it! Mind you, I did still check the back of the quilt every 3.5 seconds for puckers!



Donna said...

Sounds like I'll have to add some of that spray adhesive to the shopping list for this weekend's sale. So you don't need to baste at all?

Seeing your math makes me dispair just a bit of ever getting quilts right . . when you add math to it I'm doubly hindered, I fear.

I can't wait to see this quilt progress.

My word verification is press. I think that's so fitting. Press, don't iron. Press on, Sara.

Sara said...

I still used 6 or 8 pins, but I'm not convinced I even needed those. It's just that good.

Don't fret over the math, there are all kinds of patterns out there that you can follow. For whatever reason, I feel the need to put myself through that kind of pain and suffering since I can't follow a ready-made pattern for the life of me.

Thanks for the encouragement, D!! I'm sure I'll need more along the way!!