Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good Intentions

I had every intention to spend the entire evening spring cleaning, but instead I spent the entire evening sewing this quilt top. I couldn't resist since I finally had all the coins chosen and cut and HAD to see it together. Can you really blame me? Once I was finished what you see here, I layed back on the bed to evaluate my evening's work and realized I had forgotten to sew the top row of coins on! Sure enough, they were sitting on top of my stash where I'd left them. My time had come to call it quits - a lapse of memory, a bad burn from the iron and one inside out seam - I'll get back to it when I can steal another minute...or entire evening.

I can't wait.



Mimi said...

Really nice! I don't blame you one bit for replacing cleaning with sewing!!

Hope your burn heals quickly.

Donna said...

super nice! I can't wait to see it quilted . . maybe once the inlaws have come and gone?

i recognize some of the pieces! how big is the quilt top?

Sara said...

Thank you, Mimi and Donna! I hope the burn heals quickly, too - It's painful!
I haven't measured the quilt since I still have to add a row of coins and another strip of white to the top and then another strip of white on either side. If I did my math right when I was planning, it should work out to be something around 36" x 45" when all is said and done.

Sara said...

Also, MIL wants to see how free motion is done (she sews as well), so that just might be my "in" to quilt while they're visiting!

Emily said...

I like it with the coins all lined up, just as much as staggered.

珊珊李 said...