Thursday, March 19, 2009

The only way fabric is being used at our house

No time for sewing these days. Can't seem to squeeze it in during the odd naptime, what with such scintillating activities like laundry (2 kids, 2 adults plus cloth diapers - for the kids, not the adults - makes for many trips to and from the basement!), cleaning the bathroom, making dinner, trying to get my workouts in, etc, there just hasn't been time.

So for now, the sewing room/office has become a haven for little Minous (French, for kitten). Big M is constantly making beds for her animals and tucking them all in. She has good taste in linens, I'll give the girl that.

- Donna

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Sara said...

Never too early to get them hooked on pretty fabric! I particularly love how she placed the Amy Butler charm on top of Minou's 'blanket'.