Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm hooked on strings

Ever since I read about and feasted my eyes on Ashley's beautiful Kaleidoscope string quilt, I've been hankering to get started on my own. Then she kindly posted a tutorial and I really started making plans.

I have been setting aside scraps since I started sewing, and two nights ago I began the process of cutting them into useable strings. I also grabebd some bigger pieces of fabrics I really love, as well as some that I don't think I'll ever get around to using. I think a string quilt is a great place to use up some of both. I had initially planned on using up only things I didn't really care for, but a friend convinced me otherwise. "Use what you love," she urged, and since this quilt is going to be mine all mine, I'm taking her advice. Oh, I might just be using up the last of my Flea Market Fancy!!

I cut. And I cut. And I cut some more. I have no idea if I have enough, or even how large I want the quilt to be. As suggested, my strings range in size from 1" to 2.5". I realized that too many of my strings were on the wider side so tonight I cut some of them into more narrow pieces. I am using 7" squares as my foundation pieces, and we'll see how it shapes up. I'm pretty happy to be working on a block quilt for the first time. While I'm terrified that my cor ners won't come close to meeting up, it's super nice to be able to pick up a few strings and sew up a block when I have a few minutes to sew. With two kids under three, sometimes a few minutes in one go is about all I can manage.

Here is a shot of my first four blocks . .more to come. The process has me intrigued, and firmly hooked.

- Donna


jaybird said...

i love it!! the white center line is perfect!

Sara said...

Eek!! It's so wonderful! I say make it really, really big!
Is this one going to be a keeper?

Donna said...

Thanks gals. How big is really, really big, Sara? And yes, I'm going to keep it for me! Which is rather exciting, I must say . .Finding great use for all those 5X5s we've been swapping!

How would one quilt a string quilt, anyhow? I have to watch the size if I want to free motion . . don't think my little machine could handle really really big . .!

RosaMaría said...

pretty cute!!!!

Holly said...

LOVE IT! Sounds like sage advice from a very wise friend. ;)

Isa said...

This is great.
I love the white line, it really accentuates the pattern.

Sarah said...

So pretty :)

Allison said...

Oh you make me want to start my stupid string quilt again. Yours is beautiful! And I agree, use what you love, even though its always hard to use the last bits of favorite fabrics. :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a link! -Allison