Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 5x5 in my hot little hands

Once again Donna has outdone herself with the 5x5 swap. What she calls mismeasurement, I call a happy accident! They may not all measure 5x5, but I do believe it worked out to my advantage! This month inspired me to order myself some of those "O's". They're actually called "Mingle" and they're designed by Jennifer Moore. I ordered a yard each of leaf, summer and blossom from fabricworm. "O" dear!

Thanks so much, Donna. You're the best!



Holly said...

Ooo...those are nice fabrics! Good picks Donna!

Did you see that Jennifer Moore and Fabricworm are teaming up to design a new organic cotton line? So exciting!

Isa said...

Lovely fabric choices!
I just "mingled" myself recently :-)

Anonymous said...

Mingle is my new favorite! It's just so happy :)

Donna said...

Ha ha Isa. I just laughed out loud when I read your comment.

Glad you liked my selections, as always . . .yours are going up tomorrow, I think.