Sunday, July 12, 2009

Houston, we have a quilt top!

I'm with Donna, it's hard to sew when it's Summer! I have a hard time finding anything I like about winter, so when the warmer weather comes around, I park my buns outdoors and soak up every minute that I possibly can.
That said, this quilt is coming together at a snail's pace. It's a present for my mom and step-father's 20th wedding anniversary that was...ummm...last week. Late again! Good thing they love me.
For fabric I chose Amy Butler Daisy Chain and Kona Solids. The pattern is me winging it and the whole thing currently measures 47.5" x 57". I suspect it will shrink a bit since, as per the usual, I didn't prewash a thing. Can you imagine where I'd be if I took the time to prewash? I'd never get anything finished!
I have to be away for the whole week for work, so this poor quilt top will sit as is for the week...unless I get a bolt of energy this evening and decide to baste and quilt it. Unlikely, but not impossible.


Kristy said...

Wow- you just winged that pattern! Beautiful. I love the color combo.

tammywith2 said...

I second that. It is lovely! What a wonderful gift that will be! :D

Donna said...

Sara - it's great! You'll need to post a pic in flickr - I feel like i need a closeup to fully appreciate. i'm going to miss you this week!

- Donna

Holly said...

Lovely Sara! I love how you have mixed the Amy Butler with the solids.

Isa said...

What a great pattern!!
And this quilt is going to be well worth the wait :-)
Lucky parrents, and congratulations.

jaybird said...

who likes to be on time anyway! super cute!!

Sara said...

Thanks so much, Ladies! As always, your encouragement means a lot!

Capital Mom said...

That quilt is so lovely. I love the colours.