Friday, June 26, 2009

Bijoux Coin Quilt

I finished another quilt today!! I started this one ages ago, BEFORE I had invested in a 1/4 inch foot for my machine. Those babies help keep me straight, so the coin stacks were sewn together without the aid of a guide, which resulted in some wonkiness that I sort of patched over by trimming the stacks straight. This meant that the stacks are of varying widths and lengths, even though they're all pieced with the same number of coins. Ooops!
I also made an error in cutting a pile of charms into coins, which meant I had some scraps. Not wanting to waste the scraps, I decided to try my hand at making some tiny little log cabins to piece into the back. I had seen Red Pepper Quilts' beautiful Gelati Quilt, and I was inspired! Having made eight in an evening at the machine, I can't imagine the work that went into that quilt!

This is a quilt for my daughter, who will be three in September. It measures just 35" X 44", which is much smaller than I wanted. It shrunk a fair bit - I used pre-cut charm squares and didn't pre-wash my white since the charms hadn't been pre-washed, and the turquoise backing is a piece of cotton from a thrift store which I did wash. (Note to self: when using thrift store fabric pay attention to the fabric!! Look for fold marks that are fadey! Preferably before it's pinned and half quilted).

This one came together pretty quickly, once I got going on it. I quilted it in +30C weather, with humidity readings sending the temps well over 40C. There may have been removal of a shirt or two along the way. I escaped to a nearby coffee shop with a/c last evening and handstitched most of the binding while sipping a very tall iced tea. Another reason why hand sewing the binding is my favourite part.

We don't have a/c and I think I'll move away from quilts for a bit now until the temperature returns to a more livable level.

How are you all coping in the heat?

- Donna


Feedsack Fantasy said...

Beautiful, Donna.

FREE PAIN OFFER, this is legit ~

TTFN ~ Marydon

Amy said...

No heat here. It's been raining for (what seems like) 40 days straight. It's proving to be the June that wasn't.

Lovely quilt - I like the varying widths of the coin strips - it gives it visual interest. You shouldn't tell anyone it was a mistake! Happy accidents, I say.


You're coin quilt looks fabulous (both front and back) and I am tickled pink to have inspired you to try your hand at some little log cabins! Gee Thanks!

Your weather sounds like a typical hot summer day here in Melbourne, really unpleasant. It is winter here right now, but dreading Summer, the seasons seem to fly by!

Cheers, Rita

Sara said...

Wowee, Donna! Look at that beauty! You're so good at this! The little coins are so sweet on the back. What does big M think?

I'm with Amy, the size of the rows are all a planned part of the design!

Sara said...

I said coins and I meant log cabins!

Donna said...

Big M was all cuddled up under it when I peeked into her room last night. Her Minou was tucked under his little doll quilt beside her. So cute. She HAD to bring it downstairs with her this am and has forsaken her usual comforter, proclaiming it 'too hot'. I'd say it's a hit. I'm so pleased.

Sarah said...

Really love this one.

jaybird said...

nice job!!! i have quilts from back in the day before i had a 1/4 foot too!

RosaMaría said...

beautiful quilt!!

Kerry said...

I love everything about this wonderful quilt and could only hope that your daughter still has it when she's 65, like my mum has the crib quilt her mother gave her!

Marilyn said...

Donna, this is really lovely! Wonderful work...and lucky daughter:)