Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quilting for a cause

Two weeks ago, my fiance's niece, Melody, was diagnosed with an incurable disease; Dermatomyositis. What I wanted to do was make it all go away for her, but since I couldn't do that, the only thing I knew I could do was make a quilt. So I did.

We plan to sell tickets on it locally to help with the cost of their many trips to the children's hospital over the next while. I used some of Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market line as well as my very favorite polka dots ever from Anna Maria Horner. The pink border and back are from Bubbles & Blooms by Beverlyann Stillwell.

Then her grandmother came up with the great idea to ask people to send letters to Melody to help her get through this tough time. Knowing that the blog world is chalk full of kind hearts, I set to making her her very own blog. You can read more about it over here. It would be so great if you would take the time to write and even better if you could help spread the word a bit. We feel it's a great way to take her mind off of what is really going on in her world; something no child should have to face. Thanks so much!


Donna said...

Oh Sara, this is so beautiful and heart wrenching. . sign me up for some tickets . . .I will happily support this . .and maybe make this pretty quilt mine!! Over to send some love to Melody now . .

annie said...

the quilt is just too beautiful.. maybe its because it was made with so much love..

Isa said...

Hi Sara
What a tragic story.
You are so very kind to make this quilt. I will gladly by some tickets to support this. Please just let me know how.

Christina said...

What a beautiful quilt and a sad story. I read a little about the disease and I hope she goes into remission. She's too young to be so sick. I absolutly love the backing on this quilt - normally not my thing, but I think I need to search a little bit out for myself!