Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Violet Purse for Violet

My friend's daughter Violet turns four soon, and we celebrated in style today with a relaxed backyard barbecue. Now that I'm all crafty and stuff, I wanted to make her something instead of buying a gift. She's kinda in that princess phase right now, so I had the idea of making her a set like the brilliant one over at koala brains. I ran it by her mom one day after spin class.

Me: "So, I wanted to make Violet something for her birthday."

V's Mama "Great!" (V's Mama is a graphic designer and photographer who makes the most amazing lamps)

Me: "I was thinking of this cool felt wand and crown set I saw on someone's blog"

V's Mama: "Cool. Although, I'm only saying this 'cause I make handmade and I know that you won't be offended, but Violet has an aunt who is a silversmith. She made her a crown. With actual jewels. Not sure a fabric one could compete. Is that rude to say??"

Me: "Not at all! Now I don't have to spend a day making something that will be relegated to toybox purgatory. Can you think of something else she'd like?"

V's Mama: "What about a purse? She's currently using a sad little easter bag to cart around her treasures."

I had seen a cute one on skip to my lou, which I later discovered was originally published on the Object Project. (Incidentally, a great website that uses everyday household items for pattern tracing . . in this case an open dvd case). So here it is . . .

Cute. Easy. Appropriate. And hopefully it will get some play time. My own nearly three year old saw it hanging on the door knob this am and promptly put the handles over her wrist and said "I'm going outside with my new purse." I may be making another soon!
- Donna


Amy said...

Excellent! Love it, and so will Violet.

Kindred Crafters said...

Oh that is over the top cute! Did she love it? Great choice of embellishments, too!


HollyStar said...

Wow! Totally adorable purse. You consistently inspire me with your creations - I'm in awe that you find the time to do so much creating while raising a wonderful family. Well done, my friend.

Candace said...

oh my gosh!! so. totally. cute. and perfect for little hands.

Mistea said...

What a gorgeous little purse for a young girl! I bet it is her favourite!