Sunday, March 13, 2011

She Sells Seashells by the Seashore

Another baby quilt down. That brings the tally 2/6. Thankfully all of the moms-to-be are all due no earlier than the summer, so it gives me some time to work my way up to 6.
I have another strip quilt ready to put the binding on...once I make the binding, that is. Also, I did some cutting yesterday for what should be #4 of six, but it's a wonky star pattern and that may get set aside if I need some instant gratification and interrupt the program with another strip quilt or some patchwork. I do have a stash of charm packs on the ready for when the mood strikes!
So this is the quilt where the walking foot made it's maiden voyage. Love that thing! It took a bit to get used to (first strip or two) and before I knew it, I had the pedal to the metal and the thing was all quilted! I mixed in a little bit of loopdy loos on the solid strips to add a bit of interest. I was nervous to try the loops, but they were really fun! This could definitely be my quilting pattern of choice for an entire quilt.

Ashley also has the strip quilt bug. The Mendocino was purely coincidence as I was inspired to cut into my stash after doing a swap with Tong, but now that I see her version, I wish I would have added a few smaller strips of different colors in for some variety. I am happy with this little quilt, though. It was a quick finish and right now, that's what I need!



Donna said...

love love love the quliting on this one....i'm eager to see how a whole quilt would look in this.. i think it works really well with a stripey quilt.

Holly said...

Love the quilting Sara! Very brave to try a free motion loop-D-loop.

Am I a geek for noticing (and loving!) the symmetry in the stripes??

Looks great.

Leslie said...

i love this so much. i made a strip quilt like this in the mermaid fabrics last year and loved it so much.

Sara said...

Eeek! That wave quilting is so perfect on your quilt, Leslie!

Sara said...

Oops...And thanks for the quilting love, gals!