Monday, March 14, 2011

A little more finishing and a lot less starting

I know I said I just had to add the binding to another strip quilt and it would be all finished, but I kind of don't like the binding choice, so while I percolate on that, I decided to jump in to not one, but two more projects (on top of my bee quilt - eeps!). I rarely ever start another quilt before I finish the one I'm working on, so we'll see what kind of precedent this sets. Anyhow, here are some shots of what's been swirling around in my head (doesn't it always feel so awesome to get those swirling projects out and in progress?!):

First up on the cutting mat, an all yellow wonky stars quilt. I cut out a whole bunch of pieces from most of my yellow fabrics. I started with 5" squares and had the bright idea to hack them in half. About half way through that brainwave, I realized I'd be better off leaving them as full squares so that I'd have more room to be as wonky as my heart desires. The polkadot squares you see at the bottom will be the center for each and every star. In my mind's eye, the yellow stars will look more like the sun because I already have my heart set on naming it "You are my sunshine." I guess if that doesn't go as planned, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" also has a nice ring to it!
And since I don't have enough white in my stash (how is that even possible?!), that project got shoved aside and out came these fabrics for the long awaited fishy strip quilt, completely inspired by these little bits of sweetness. Again, I'll need to secure some solids to mix in with these (and lots more just like them) strips.

One more thing to report, I received an email from a friend lastnight announcing that she's expecting! Six just turned into seven. It's a baby boom and I am not complaining!

Do you have any projects swirling around in your head just waiting to be put into action?
Do you let them swirl or are you a sketch book kind of crafter?



Donna said...

no sketch book here...and I try not to work on more than one quilt at a time.

I am thinking about my bee quilt...alot.

i started a quilt for Michel - which I haven't shown or discussed come.

I pulled fabric for a baby a birth annoucement in the mail for an old was born in oct...i didn't know they were considering making some bibs instead....not sure we're really that close!!!

Tong said...

ooo i love what you have planned out, love the colours and the fabrics! and that fishy strip quilt you are planning?? it's going to be so cute!!

i usually let ideas swirl in my head for a while, if i really like it, i usually put it on paper in a sketch book. but my problem is, i rarely get started on half of my sketches! i guess i'm just a planner and not really a doer =P

Holly said...

So many exciting projects!

I would love to try one of those wonky star quilts. So sweet....see....just added another one to my "to do" list!

I'm with Tong. I'm a planner more than a doer. It's really just a matter of having more inspiration than I have time to put into action. Darn those inspiring crafty bloggers! Darn the need to work.

Leslie said...

i tend to sketch out ideas but then often toss them or they evolve as i am working on something.

ButtonMad said...

Hard not to start something new with all this fantastic fabric - very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

i'm suspecting that your friends are all frantically trying to get pregnant in order to get one of these amazing quilts, lol!! You have such a lovely design eye.