Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bee Blocks and Woes

My sewing room is finally set up enough up to sew...I decided it was high time to get my Feb block done for the Sew Modern Bee, and while I was at it I sewed up my March block as well.

I'm a little ashamed to reveal my Feb block...I missed on the symmetry, I boffed when I went all crazy cutting the squares and cut the 4.5" blocks that should have been in the corners. I had to add in a different cream and red print to make up for it...I trimmed as I went along and surprise, surprise, my block ended up too small. This has been a constant problem...rectified some months when I could just add up a border. Tong had to make my block into a mug rug it was so teeny. (Cute as all get out and I'm glad she could use it for something, if not its intended purpose).

I asked Sara, 'cause she's my sewing guru, about what I may have gone wrong..she told me consistent seam allowances, lots of steam...I feel I did that....but to not avail. I think I just need to keep practicing. Sorry Michelle if this block doesn't work out.....Mug rug?? Penny on Sewtakeahike posted this week about messing up bee blocks...good to know I'm not alone (although her block still looks pretty great to me!)

Not to be discouraged, I pushed on and tackled Sara's quilt block for March. Completing this block confirmed what I have long suspected. Improv is more my style. I made it up as I went along, had a ball, and am pleased with the results. The process got my wheels turning towards April, 'cause it's my turn to be Queen Bee....I'm making plans and hope to work on cutting fabrics up this weekend. I'm going to be attacking my colour coded scrap bins and am planning a scrapbuster....stay tuned!

- Donna


Sara said...

That sewtakeahike post is hilarious! I think you have every reason to be pleased with yourself with how my block turned out! It's a beauty!

Jennifer said...

Is that HST block supposed to be 12.5" If it is, I'm pretty sure you went wrong with cutting your squares at 4.5". With HSTs, you should always add 7/8" to the finished size, not just 1/2".

Also, starching helps fabric from stretching and distorting. I just started sewing with starched fabric and it's amazing--- like sewing on paper!

Capital Mom said...

I love the blues and purples.