Sunday, January 30, 2011

Color me inspired!

(I would include links but blogger won't let me paste them in for whatever reason! You can find them over here instead)

Firstly, Donna inspired me to do a flickr favorite inspiration mosaic! Secondly, by the looks of these pictures, I'm heavily inspired by improv quits! I have had improv on the brain for about 2 years now and haven't gotten up the guts to get at it yet. I am pretty sure I'm going to use some form of it for my month in the Sew Modern Bee. I best be getting my act together on that since my month is March and that'll be here before we know it!
Also, I know of 6 women who are pregnant this far! The last quilt I made will whittle that number down to 5, but 5 is still a lot considering I should be studying and not sewing! I think I'll stick with patchwork for the new babies of 2011. Think they'll mind?


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