Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why Do I Insist?

Here we have yet another half finished gift that I had the nerve to gift at Christmas. Now I have even more nerve to dilly dally and still not have it done a month later!
These 4 little patchwork numbers are destined to be placemats for my Mom. They're made from Sweet by Urban Chicks (i think!) which is now out of print, I believe. I plan to sash around them in white and then the binding will be that red and white beauty at the bottom there. I really should just finish them up, shouldn't I? You'll be the first to know when I do...well, right after my Mom, I suppose!


Holly said...

Oh! How did I miss this fabric line?? So sweet. Your mom is going to love these!

Would it make you feel any better if I told you that I haven't finished the quilt that I gifted to my husband for his 40th July!!!

Donna said...

These are fantastic.
I got some of these line in my package of 5 x 5s i received today.....and the gifties...girls are sleeping soundly in their new jammies as I type.

I love everything. Shall I write about it or will you? ;)

Sara said...

YAY!!!! excited!! I want to see a pic of those girls in their matchy jammies, please!
You go right ahead and write about it! I have a pic of the wreath, but the not the buttons...or girls in jammies!